Muscle Max


Containing 100mg of Gamma Oryzanol/ml Muscle Max is highly concentrated making it perfect for all horses in training and sales preparations.

Designed to maintain and build muscle mass, producing stronger top-line and peak overall condition. Muscle Max will have your horse looking better than ever!

Our Muscle Max is emulsified using high quality oils increasing  bio-availability and providing an abundant source of antioxidants, including Vitamin E.

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Gamma Oryzanol

Maximising Muscle
Muscle max helps to build muscle mass my maximising the efficiency of muscle metabolism through its anabolic properties.  One of the key ingredients which assist in kick starting this mechanism is Gamma Oryzanol, which is a plant sterol derived from Rice Bran. Equine studies have shown that supplementing thoroughbred diets with Gamma Oryzanol helps to prevent exercise-induced muscle damage during training preparation for racing season. The study found a significant decrease in post-exercise creatinine kinase and blood lactate activity from the Gamma Oryzanol supplemented horses.

Antioxidant Properties
Antioxidants have the ability to inactivate free radicals with in cells. Without the help of antioxidants free radicals can cause damage to the cell membranes. Gamma Oryzanol acts as a potent antioxidant. A laboratory study found that gamma-oryzanol was more than four times as effective at stopping tissue oxidation (caused by free radicals) than vitamin E.

Horse Breeding
Another study looking into the effects of Gamma Oryzanol supplementation on the reproduction in stallions suggested that Gamma Oryzanol increased the total antioxidant potential of the semen. In addition, higher membrane functionality and motility was detected, possibly due to antioxidant protection preventing lipid peroxidation of sperm membranes or attributable to improved membrane fluidity.

Dosage Rate
15ml per day for best results  feed continuously for 2 months


Active Ingredients

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