Liquid Gold


LIQUID GOLD Is Specially formulated and emulsified to provide the optimal combination and nutrient absorption levels to support the antioxidant defence system. Food grade emulsifiers ensure that the product is consistently stable and that absorption, shelf life and stability are superior to water dispersible or oil-based supplements.

LIQUID GOLD from Spectrum is the only product designed as an all-in-one combination of anti-oxidants and omega oils to provide energy without causing metabolic and muscle problems & to support the anti-oxidant defence system for all horses, racing, endurance, equestrian and breeding.


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Omega 3 oils
  • Delay exercise-induced stiffness of red cells & improve oxygen exchange
  • promote red cell formation and insulin sensitivity
  • Heart rates during exercise are lower and heart rate recovery is quicker
  • Blood lactates are lower and horses reach high speed sooner and maintain for longer before lactate accumulates
  • Better maintenance of fluid and electrolyte levels with less cardiovascular, dehydration  and thermoregulation problems
  • Protect against inflammation, degenerative joint disease and muscle damage
  • Improve motility and viability of sperm in breeding stallions
  • Increases IgG levels in colostrum of foaling mares
Vitamin E:
  • Reduce oxidative stress – especially in red cells & lungs which have higher oxygen levels
  • LIQUID GOLD is fortified with naturally derived tocopherols that act synergistically with vitamin A to scavenge, quench and inhibit free radical production
  • Emulsification increases bioavailability by up to 410%.
Pro-vitamin A: (beta carotene)
  • A chain-breaking antioxidant that enhances the effect of
  • Vitamin E – protecting muscle integrity and boosting immune function
  • Emulsification improves bioavailability
Flaxseed Oil:
  • A potent, concentrated source of Omega-3; ensures Liquid Gold maintains the correct ratio of Omega 6:3 and adds to the characteristic flavour and aroma.
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):
  • Rich in nutrients and trace elements
  • Modifies intestinal pH for beneficial bacteria to function optimally – aiding digestion and absorption of omega 3 oils, vitamins A, and vitamin E
Feed Rate (per day)
Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds 30-50g
Hacks (when in work) 20-30g
Ponies 15-20g


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