Bio Cell


Bio Cell is a highly concentrated blend of Organic Minerals, essential vitamins and nutritive components designed to maintain optimum health and coat condition.

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Bio Cell uses only high quality organic minerals bound to an amino acid for vastly superior absorption compared to traditional inorganic mineral supplements.

Containing Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Manganese and Selenium essential for:

    • Bone Development
    • Fertility
    • Nervous system function
    • Immune support
    • skin and hoof integrity
    • Hair and Coat condition
    • Foetal Development
    • Appetite
    • Muscle Development

    Supplying Sulfur for the formation and fortification of strong joint cartilage

    An essential amino acid, required for the formation of bodily proteins required for everything from skeletal muscles to hoof and hair formation, haemoglobin, antibodies for immune support and enzymes to enable essential cellular functions.

    Provides collagen required to connect and support skin, bones, tendons, muscles and cartilage.

    Composed of phospholipids studies have shown that lecithin can:

      • Strengthen the mucosa layer of epithelial cells in the digestive system to help protect against ulcer causing stomach acids:
      • Maintain the integrity of the plasma cell membranes in the:
        • Skin, Hair & Coat
        • Coronary Band for a healthy hoof
        • Nerve tissue
          • Reduce levels of excitability and anxiety
          Dosage Rate (per day)  
          30g scoop mixed into feed (based on 500Kg body weight)


Active Ingredients


Tracey Serhan: Dressage Rider

I have had horse all my life and currently I have three warmbloods and an Australian Riding Pony. I have worked in the produce industry for the past five years and have received feedback on most of the products on the market.

The reason i decided to try BIO CELL was because of the quality of Spectrum products and i also like to support Australia based businesses. My horses were already in good condition so my only expectation was for the horses to keep their same condition.
BIO CELL certainly exceeded my expectations, I was surprised to see so many changes!

1. IMPROVED CONDITION- My horses have continued with the same training regine and diet and their condition has noticeably improved. They have gained weight, dapples are out and coats are noticeably more shiny than before.

2. TRAINABILITY- They are all training in new higher levels at present and I have noticed they are more relaxed with a willingness to train.

3. IMPROVED HIND GUT HEATH- For the past five years my young horse has always had a tendency to scour. This has not happened since i started using Bio Cell.

4. TEMPERAMENT- My older mare with the ‘cranky mare’ personality is actually pleasant- that is a first!

5. HOOF HEALTH- My young mare who i recently purchased with dry cracked hooves has had huge improvement;; my farrier contacted me last week to get the name of Bio Cell so he could recommend it to his other clients. He noticed improved growth and hoof condition in the very dry weather.

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