Anti Tie Up


Anti Tie Up formula is designed for horses with a history of poor adaption (Tie Up). Anti Tie Up provides a unique mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a holistic approach to horse health.


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‘Tying-Up’ …A Common Problem.
Tying-Up of the muscles: usually of the back legs, can be a problem in performance horses (particularly during early training); in young fillies on high oat diets, or in horses that are worked following a rest day on full racing ration. Horses returning from a spell and put into hard work can also be prone to symptoms of tying-up.

Tying-Up is a complex biochemical change that occurs in muscles, preventing the release of energy and the contraction process.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure…
A preventative program that is very effective in preventing the development of ‘tying-up’ or re-occurrence in performance horses can be summarised as follows:

  1. Work horse each day, with light work even on rest days.
  2. Feed Vitalyte electrolyte mixture daily.
  3. Administer 30g of Anti Tie Up orally, either as a drench or mixed in the
Feed Rate  
30g with morning and evening meals for 3 weeks.


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