Amino Fuel+ 80ml


Explosive Pre-Race Energy

Amino Fuel is a highly concentrated source of Amino Acids providing nitric oxide (NO3) to enhance endurance.

Muscle protein is constantly being broken down by the body to meet the demands of strenuous exercise, stress and infection.  This process is known as catabolism. When the body is in a prolonged state of catabolism it can lead to cellular malnutrition, impaired gut function and digestion, poor uptake of vitamins, amino acid deficits, impaired protein production and muscle wastage.

Using Amino Fuel ensures your horse is receiving a variety of amino acids in their diet, which helps reduce the effects of catabolism within the muscle cells.

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Powerful Amino Acids 


Beta-Alanine – provides more power, for longer. High intensity exercise results in an increase in hydrogen ions, increasing  the acidity in the muscle which can cause fatigue and impair performance. Carnosine acts by “soaking” up these hydrogen ions to regulate muscle acidity and increase fatigue resistance and potentially increase training capacity and performance. Beta-alanine supplementation is probably one of the most powerful means to raise muscle carnosine levels.

Citrulline and Aspartic Acid – combines to create arginine and subsequent Nitric Oxide in the systemic circulation for maximum vasodilation pump and

L-arginine– is added to amino fuel for an extra boost in improving cardiac function and blood circulation. L-arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide formation, which contributes to vasodilation.

Creatine Tri Malate– has become the number one ergogenic supplements for the improvement of equine athletic potential. Creatine has been growing in popularity because it provides energy for muscle contraction in a way similar to that from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), producing a large amount of free energy .

Taurine– is found in abundance in the body. Taurine supplementation works in the maintenance of intracellular taurine homeostasis, which is essential for normal cardiac function.


Feed Rate (per day)  
Paste: 80g mixed into feed pre race


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